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Looking to Expand Your Content’s Categorizations? Use EdGate’s API to Find Related Concepts!

Is your content already organized into categories, classifications, skills, concepts or search terms? If so, your company might benefit from expanding these classifications with the “Find Related Concepts” feature of EdGate’s API. For example, if your company has resources that are organized under a concept such as “Angle Relationships”, using EdGate’s API to find related concepts, you can create additional classifications to include related concepts such as “Exterior Angles”, “Parallel Lines and Transversals”, “Triangle Sums” and others.

Curriculum Matrix Updates

Curriculum Matrix LogoIn the last few weeks, 433 new resources have been added to the Curriculum Matrix from the sources listed below

  • Curriculum Pathways


  • NRICH (University of Cambridge)

  • PLUS Maths




Standards Update - November 2018

Updates to The EdGate Standards Repository include:

Looking for Related Standards?

There are occasions where you might be interested in finding standards related to one your content is correlated to or has been written to meet. Common Core has made this easier by providing a standard template that many states have adopted, but it only covers Language Arts and Math, not all states have adopted them, and some states have made changes to them. This is where we can help: our Concept Index uses the EdGate Controlled Vocabulary.

Making Films Classroom-Ready

From Khan Academy to YouTube, contemporary education has benefitted greatly from the vast amount of free and accessible film resources for classroom use. Indeed, from teaching concepts to building context, the current EdTech landscape gives teachers a nearly infinite supply of audiovisual resources to choose from.

Standards Update - October 2018

Updates to The EdGate Standards Repository include:

Artificial Intelligence in Education

Perhaps the greatest trend in modern education is the move towards individualized learning. Emerging in concert—and possibly as a result of this development has been artificial intelligence developed for K-12 needs (AIED). Often going unnoticed, AIED has become ever more prevalent in the classroom, and will surely continue to impact teaching and learning.

Computer Science Standards for K-8 Students in Tennessee Slated for the 2019-2020 School Year

With a shortage in the workforce of candidates with adequate computer science skills, Tennessee has approved computer science standards for students in kindergarten through grade 8.  Slated for implementation next year, students will be expected to demonstrate proper keyboarding skills and proficiency in the use of technology.  Students will also be expected to understand the ethical, cultural, and societal issues related to technology and develop positive attitudes toward technology uses that support lifelong learning.  In the younger grades, the focus will be on computer basics and protec

Why College and Career Readiness Begins in Preschool

The idea that the transition to adulthood starts in preschool is behind educational reform in the Kankakee School District in Illinois, where conversations about college and careers start when children first enter the classroom and continue as their learning progresses towards high school graduation.