DIY Alignment Tool - Fast. Efficient. Effective.

  • Are you spending too much time correlating content state-by-state?
  • Are you tired of spinning your wheels, re-correlating your content each time states make changes to their standards?
  • Are you looking to make your process more efficient and save money?

If you answered yes to any of the above, our DIY alignment tool may be just the solution you need!

EdGate's web-based tool, ExACT, has been a huge time saver for our partners who wish to manage their correlations in-house. It brings efficiency to their team by allowing them to globally align content across multiple states/organizations. In lieu of the cumbersome state-by-state process that many publishers have succumbed to doing, you can now align your content to all standards in one fell swoop!

How does it work? It's simple.

Once logged in, the user has the option to select a set of standards to which they want the content aligned, or select specific concepts from our proprietary taxonomy. Once the standards or concepts are applied by the user and they hit 'submit', voilà!  The item is aligned to all matching standards in the system!

What makes the tool so powerful?  Our taxonomy.

The EdGate taxonomy is the catalyst used to globally connect content to standards. The taxonomical list was carefully built based on the concepts taught in each subject of K-12 standards. Taxonomical concepts have been assigned as applicable to all of the standards and when these same concepts are applied to content, the global connection (alignment) is made between content and standards. Whether it is our subject experts doing the tagging or yours, the process and results are the same.

How accurate is the process?

Our methodology has been successfully tested for two decades! Because our taxonomy was systematically developed by EdGate's team of subject matter experts and because we do not rely on matches made via text or natural language, the alignments made through our system are accurate!

How do I view the results?  The ExPERT Reporting Tool.

In addition to the ExACT tool, users will have access to our web based reporting tool which allows them to generate reports that display the alignments for each state, grade, and subject. Client may also opt to add 'gap' which displays both correlated and non-correlated standards. This added feature helps publishers easily identify areas to focus their content development efforts. Other deliverables such as a Bulk Download, Correlation User Interface (CUI), or Web Service API are also available.

For more information about EdGate, our services, and partners, please visit our website or feel free to contact usand one of our Account Executives will be happy to schedule an appointment with you.


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