New Common Core Content for K-8 Language Arts is Being Adopted by California

California is set to adopt new K-8 language arts content that is geared toward the Common Core standards that California fully implemented in 2014. California's adoptions typically set the tone of adoption of materials in other states. However this year's adoption is expected to be less impactful, as there is a bounty of digital content available to educators and California and other states now leave the decision for content adoptions to the school districts themselves. Nevertheless, with forty four of the states and the District of Columbia adopting the Common Core standards, these states now have the same basis for content evaluation. Content material being approved by California does have a distinction in that English language learners needs are required to be met by the language arts content, which has experts proclaiming that California is on the cutting edge with this move.

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For more information visit the Education Week article.

By: Kathleen Ideguchi
Project Manager