Need OER? We've just added 6,000 new OER items to our Repository.

Over the last few months EdGate has bolstered its vast repository of aligned educational resources by aligning more than 6,000 new resources for the Curriculum Matrix® from these sources: Algebra Help, Character First Education,, CommonLit, EconEd, Extreme Science, Georgia Virtual Learning, IEP, Math Assessment Resources (MARS), Math Facts Café, Mathway, National Zoo, Paul's Online Math Notes, Random Acts of Kindness, Science for Kids, The Ned Show, and Wonderopolis.  Additionally the alignments of another 4,000 resources will be available in the repository soon from these sources: E Reading Worksheets, GCFLearnFree, Grammar Revolution,, Illustrative Math, Royal Society of Chemistry, Smithsonian, Starfall, The Punctuation Guide, Weather Wiz Kids, and YouTube. The Curriculum Matrix was created almost two decades ago as a much needed resource for educators to easily access standards-aligned educational resources. The Curriculum Matrix has now grown to a repository of over 500,000 grade-specific, standards-aligned OER and free resources and is available for licensing or white labeling.  

If you would like more information about licensing the alignments of these resources please contact our  Account Executives  for more information.

By: Kathleen Ideguchi
Project Manager