Need Georgia Department of Education Learning Standards CASE Format Identifiers? Yeah, We've Got Those.

Be one of the first publishers to have your correlations connected with the Georgia Department of Education Competency and Academic Standards Exchange (CASE) identifiers.  Looking to feed your correlations into systems that are compatible with the Georgia Standards of Excellence and their CASE identifiers?  Look no further than EdGate.  If your content is currently correlated and in the EdGate repository, we can provide the Georgia CASE identifiers for correlations to the Georgia Standards of Excellence.  Need correlations to Georgia and other state standards?  EdGate can provide correlation services as well.  Furthermore, if your company already has your content aligned to Common Core or other state standards and you need a crosswalk to the Georgia Standards of Excellence CASE identifiers, we have a mapping service that can provide the identifiers you need.  If you have questions, please  contact our Account Executives  for more information.

As always, you can trust EdGate to keep the repository current with up to date on state DOE initiatives.

By:  Kathleen Ideguchi 
Project Manager