The Reach Higher Initiative: CTE in the Spotlight

Career and Technology Education (CTE) continues to play center stage, now more than ever, as Michelle Obama is spearheading the Reach Higher Initiative.  This Initiative is focused on pushing students to pursue educational programs past high school, including training programs, community college, or four-year programs. Mrs. Obama recently remarked at a Reach Higher Champions of Change Event that "for many young people and their families, CTE can be the best option because you can get all the professional skills you need for a good job in a high-demand field and you can do it at a fraction of the time and, more importantly, a fraction of the cost as compared to a four-year university."

Is There an App for That?

An exciting announcement was made regarding a Reach Higher Career App Challenge. The mobile app competition will promote the development of an app to help students navigate education and career pathways, including CTE. To read more about the Career App Challenge go to:  

EdGate is the publisher's source for CTE standards licensing and correlation. The CTE standards for each state, as well as the Common Career Technical Core (CCTC) standards are available in the EdGate standards repository in order to support educational publishers in their efforts to educate young people with the technical and employability skills needed in today's economy.

By: Gina Faulk
General Manager