EdGate is your resource for State DOE Third Party Reviews

More State Departments of Education are requiring an outside party to perform an objective, 'third party review' of content being considered for approval.  The main purpose is to verify the correlations to a state's standards that a publisher asserts are justifiable correlations. As part of this review, the state also requires the third party reviewer to provide a correlation percentage of the publisher's content to their state standards. The threshold for approval is usually 90% correlated alignment. Examples of states requiring third party reviews are Virginia and Indiana.

EdGate has been performing third party reviews for publishers for years, and are well-known within the Virginia DOE for our service.

If you are planning on submitting your content for approval, EdGate can help you by performing the third party review, and supplying the accompanying documentation stating the percentage of correlation for each of your submissions.

EdGate is there for your needs, so contact your EdGate project manager or sales rep to set the wheels in motion! 

By: Larry Johnson
Project Manager