Microsoft's Minecraft

Bringing technology into the classroom is a topic we revisit often as it is such an important aspect of the 21st century classroom. Content providers are continuing to integrate innovative and fun resources to enhance student learning. One such resource is Microsoft's Minecraft game which was recently featured in an article touting its use in the Montour Pennsylvania School District. The article explains how students are initially engaged since it is a game in which many are already familiar with but now it includes opportunities to actually learn the skills and competencies they need in the classroom.

Another great feature is that Microsoft's Minecraft Educational Edition allows teachers to connect with each other, sharing ideas and lesson plans using the interactive game. The popularity of the program has spread and now forty districts in Pennsylvania alone are using the game.

We are always excited to hear about innovative ways content is brought into the classroom and when our clients are celebrated, we celebrate! A great testament to success is hearing how students benefit and are engaged in learning! Congratulations to the Microsoft Minecraft team!

By: Jennifer Larson
Project Manager