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Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources (AZ)

Career Pathway Course Code
Agribusiness Systems 01.0100.90
Animal Systems 01.0100.40
Bioscience 41.0100.00
Environmental Service Systems 01.0100.00
Natural Renewable Resources Systems 01.0100.50
Plant Systems 01.0100.30
Veterinary Assistant 51.0808.00

Architecture and Construction (AZ)

Career Pathway Course Code
Architectural Drafting 15.1300.20
Carpentry 46.0400.30
Construction Technologies 46.0400.20
Industrial Electrician 46.0300.30
Mechanical Drafting 15.1300.40
Residential Electrician 46.0300.20

Arts, A/V Technology, and Communications (AZ)

Career Pathway Course Code
Animation 10.0200.60
Arts Management 50.0500.30
Digital Photography 10.0200.50
Digital Printing 10.0200.20
Film & TV 10.0200.90
Journalism 10.0200.40
Music/Audio Production 10.0200.00
Technical Theatre 50.0500.20

Business, Management and Administration (AZ)

Career Pathway Course Code
Accounting and Related Services 52.0300.00
Business Management and Administrative Services 52.0200.00
Business Operations Support and Assistant Services 52.0400.00
Financial Services 52.0800.00

Education and Training (AZ)

Career Pathway Course Code
Early Childhood Education 13.1210.00
Education Professions 13.1200.00

Health Science (AZ)

Career Pathway Course Code
Dental Assisting 51.0600.00
Emergency Medical Services 51.0900.30
Health Information Technology 51.0707.00
Laboratory Assisting 51.0800.30
Medical Assisting Services 51.0800.60
Mental and Social Health Services 51.1500.00
Nursing Services 51.3900.00
Pharmacy Support Services 51.0800.20
Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Services 51.0800.50
Surgical Technician 51.0900.40
Therapeutic Massage 51.3500.00

Hospitality and Tourism (AZ)

Career Pathway Course Code
Culinary Arts 12.0500.00
Hospitality Management 52.0900.00

Human Services (AZ)

Career Pathway Course Code
Cosmetology 12.0400.00

Information Technology (AZ)

Career Pathway Course Code
Computer Maintenance 15.1200.20
Graphic/Web Design 10.0200.30
Network Technologies 15.1200.30
Software Development 15.1200.40
Web Page Development 15.1200.50

Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security (AZ)

Career Pathway Course Code
Fire Service 43.0200.00
Law, Public Safety and Security 43.0100.00

Manufacturing (AZ)

Career Pathway Course Code
Cabinetmaking 46.0400.40
Precision Machining 48.0500.30
Welding Technologies 48.0508.00

Marketing, Sales and Service (AZ)

Career Pathway Course Code
Advertising and Public Relations 52.1800.30
Entertainment Marketing 52.1800.40
Entrepreneurship 52.1800.50
Fashion Design and Merchandising 52.1900.20
Interior Design and Merchandising 52.1900.30
Professional Sales and Marketing 52.1800.20

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (AZ)

Career Pathway Course Code
Automation/Robotics 48.0500.20
Electronic Technologies 15.0300.00
Electronics Drafting 15.1300.30
Engineering Sciences 15.0000.00

Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics (AZ)

Career Pathway Course Code
Air Transportation 49.0100.00
Aircraft Mechanics 47.0600.50
Automotive Collision Repair 47.0600.30
Automotive Technologies 47.0600.20
Diesel Engine Repair 47.0600.40
Heavy Equipment Operations 49.0200.00