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Cluster Grades
Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources (CO) 9,10,11,12,CU
Alternative Cooperative Education (CO) 9,10,11,12,CU
Arts, A/V Technology, & Communications (CO) 9,10,11,12,CU
Education & Training (CO) 9,10,11,12,CU
Energy (CO) 9,10,11,12,CU
Finance (CO) 9,10,11,12,CU
Health Science (CO) 9,10,11,12,CU
Hospitality & Tourism (CO) 9,10,11,12,CU
Human Services (CO) 9,10,11,12,CU
Information Technology (CO) 9,10,11,12,CU
Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security (CO) 9,10,11,12,CU
Management & Administration (CO) 9,10,11,12,CU
Marketing (CO) 9,10,11,12,CU
Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (CO) 9,10,11,12,CU


 For more information about individual CTE courses within each cluster, please contact us.