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Alternative Cooperative Education (CO)

Career Pathway Course Code
Ag Cluster AGCL
Agribusiness Systems Pathway AGBS
Animal Science Pathway ANSC
Food Products & Processing Systems Pathway FPPS
Natural Resource & Environmental Systems Pathway NRES
Plant Science Pathway PLSC
Power, Structural & Technical Systems Pathway PSTS

Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources (CO)

Career Pathway Course Code
Alternative Cooperative Education ACE

Arts, A/V Technology, and Communications (CO)

Career Pathway Course Code
ARCO - Arts, AV and Communication Cluster ARCO
AVTF - Audio/Video Technology & Film Pathway AVTF
COJB - Journalism & Broadcasting Pathway COJB
ARPA - Performing Arts Pathway ARPA
COPP - Printing/Publishing Pathway COPP
ARVD - Visual & Design Arts Pathway ARVD

Education and Training (CO)

Career Pathway Course Code
Teaching and Training Pathway TCTR

Energy (CO)

Career Pathway Course Code
Electrical Energy Transmission & Distribution Pathway ELTD
Electromechanical Generation & Maintenance Pathway EMGN
Energy Cluster ENCL
Energy Efficiency & Environmental Technology Pathway EEET
Fossil Energy Extraction, Processing & Distribution Pathway FSEP
Renewable Energy Production Pathway RNEP

Finance (CO)

Career Pathway Course Code
Accounting Pathway FIAC
Banking Services Pathway FIBS
Corporate Finance Pathway FICF
Finance Cluster FINC
Insurance Pathway FIIN
Securities & Investments Pathway FISI

Health Science (CO)

Career Pathway Course Code
Health Cluster HSCL
Therapeutic Services Pathway THSR

Hospitality & Tourism (CO)

Career Pathway Course Code
Restaurants & Food & Beverage Services Pathway RFBS

Human Services (CO)

Career Pathway Course Code
Consumer Services Pathway COSE
Counseling & Mental Health Services Pathway RELA
Early Childhood Development Pathway CADV
Family & Community Services Pathway FMCS
Personal Care Services Pathway PCSP

Information Technology (CO)

Career Pathway Course Code
Information Support and Services Pathway ITSS
Interactive Media Pathway ITIM
IT Cluster ITCO
Network Systems & Telecommunications Pathway ITNT
Programming & Software Engineering Pathway ITPR

Law, Public Safety, Corrections, & Security (CO)

Career Pathway Course Code
Emergency & Fire Management Services Pathway EMFM
Law Enforcement Services Pathway LEAS

Management And Administration (CO)

Career Pathway Course Code
Administrative Services Pathway MAAS
Business Information Technology Pathway MAIT
Corporate/General Management Pathway MAGM
Human Resource Management Pathway MAHR
Management Cluster MANC
Operations Management Pathway MAOM

Marketing (CO)

Career Pathway Course Code
Marketing Cluster MKTC
Marketing Communications Pathway MKCO
Marketing Management Pathway MKMN
Marketing Research Pathway MKMR
Merchandising Pathway MKME
Professional Sales/Sales Management Pathway MKPS

Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (CO)

Career Pathway Course Code