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Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (GA)

Career Pathway Course Code
Agribusiness Management and Leadership 01.41200
Agricultural and Food Products Processing 01.44100
Agricultural Animal Production and Management 01.43200
Agricultural Mechanics Technology II 01.42200
Agricultural Mechanics Technology I 01.42100
Agricultural Metals Fabrication 01.42400
Agriculture Electricity and Electric Controls 01.42600
Agriculture Meat and Dairy Product Processing 02.43200
Animal Science and Biotechnology 02.42100
Aquaculture 03.43100
Basic Agricultural Science 02.47100
Environmental Science and Stewardship 03.42200
Equine Science 02.42200
Floral Design and Management 01.46600
Floriculture Production and Management 01.46200
Forest Science 03.45100
Forestry Science II 03.45200
General Horticulture and Plant Science 01.46100
Introduction to Renewable Energy 03.47100
Marketing Agriculture Products and Services 01.41300
Natural Resources Management 03.41100
Nursery and Landscape 01.47000
Plant Science and Biotechnology 02.44100
Renewable Fuel Production 03.46200
Small Animal Care 02.42300
Sustainable Agriculture 03.46100
Turf Production and Management 01.46500
Veterinary Science 02.42400
Wildlife Management 03.45300

Architecture and Construction (GA)

Career Pathway Course Code
Architectural Drawing and Design I 48.54500
Architectural Drawing and Design II 48.54600
Carpentry I 46.55000
Electrical I 46.56000
Fine Furniture/Cabinetmaking I 46.45400
Fine Furniture/Cabinetmaking II 46.45500
Fine Furniture/Cabinetmaking III 46.45600
Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration 47.41500
Industry Fundamentals and Occupational Safety 46.54500
Introduction to Construction 46.54600
Introduction to Drafting and Design 48.54100
Introduction to HVACR Systems 47.41400
Introduction to Metals 48.58100
Low Voltage Electrical 47.41600
Machining Operations I 48.59000
Masonry I 46.57000
Plumbing I 46.58000
Sheet Metal I 48.58200
Welding I 48.55100

Arts, A/V Technology, and Communications (GA)

Career Pathway Course Code
Advanced Graphic Design 48.52800
Advanced Graphic Output Processes 48.57000
Audio & Video Technology and Film I 10.51810
Audio & Video Technology and Film II 10.51910
Audio & Video Technology and Film III 10.52010
Graphic Design and Production 48.56200
Introduction to Graphics and Design 48.56100
Introduction to Digital Media 48.42100
Principles and Concepts of Animation 48.42200
Advanced Animation, Game and app Design 48.42300
Animation Practicum Capstone 48.42400

Business, Management and Administration (GA)

Career Pathway Course Code
Business and Technology 07.44100
Business Communications 07.45100
Entrepreneurship 06.41610
Human Resources Principles 06.41800
Introduction to Business and Technology 07.44130
Legal Environment of Business 06.41500

Education and Training (GA)

Career Pathway Course Code
Contemporary Issues in Education 13.01200
Early Childhood Education I 20.52810
Early Childhood Education II 20.42400
Early Childhood Education III 20.42500
Early Childhood Education Practicum 20.42600
Examining the Teaching Profession 13.01100
Teaching as a Profession Practicum 13.01300

Energy (GA)

Career Pathway Course Code
Appropriate and Alternative Energy Technologies 21.45700
Energy and Power Technology 21.45100
Energy and Power: Generation, Transmission, Distribution ENGR-EPGTD
Energy Systems Applications ENGR-ESA
Foundations of Energy Technologies ENGR-FET

Finance (GA)

Career Pathway Course Code
Banking, Investing and Insurance 07.43100
Financial Literacy 07.42600
Introduction to Business and Technology 07.44130
Principles of Accounting I 07.41100
Principles of Accounting II 07.41200

Government and Public Administration (GA)

Career Pathway Course Code
Aerospace Science: A Journey Into Aviation History PS-AFAH
JROTC Airforce - Leadership Education I PS-AFLEI
Aerospace Science: Astronomy PS-AFA
JROTC Airforce - Leadership Education III AFLEIII
Aerospace Science: Exploration of Space AFES
Aerospace Science: Honors Ground School AFHGS
JROTC Airforce - Leadership Education IV AFLEIV
Aerospace Science: Science of Flight AFSF
JROTC Airforce - Leadership Education II AFLEII
Aerospace Science: Survival AFSUR
Government Public Administration: Local and State Issues 29.41200
Government Public Administration: State and Federal Issues 29.41100
Introduction to Government and Public Administration 29.41000
JROTC Army Leadership Education 1 PS-LE1
JROTC Army Leadership Education 2 PS-LE2
JROTC Army Leadership Education 3 PS-LE3
JROTC Army Leadership Education 4 PS-LE4
JROTC Army Leadership Education 5 PS-LE5
JROTC Army Leadership Education 6 PS-LE6
JROTC Army Leadership Education 7 PS-LE7
JROTC Army Leadership Education 8 PS-LE8
MCJROTC Leadership Education I MCLEI
MCJROTC Leadership Education II MCLEII
MCJROTC Leadership Education III MCLEIII
MCJROTC Leadership Education IV MCLEIV
MCJROTC Leadership Education V MCLEV
MCJROTC Leadership Education VI MCLEVI
MCJROTC Leadership Education VII MCLEVII
MCJROTC Leadership Education VIII MCLEVIII
Naval Science I Cadet Field Manual NSICFM
Naval Science I Introduction to NJROTC NSINTRO
Naval Science II Nautical Science NSIINS
Naval Science III Naval Knowledge NSIIINK
Naval Science III Naval Orientation Skills NSIIINOS
Naval Science IV Effective Communications NSIVEC
Naval Science IV Naval Leadership and Ethics NSIVNLE
Naval Science: Maritime History NSIIMH

Health Science (GA)

Career Pathway Course Code
Applications of Biotechnology 25.56900
Essentials of Biotechnology 25.57000
Clinical Lab I 25.57600
Non-Invasive Diagnostic Technology 25.44500
Diagnostics Phlebotomy 25.57400
Applications of Health Information Technology 25.49600
Essentials of Health Information Technology 25.49500
Introduction to Healthcare Science 25.52100
Essentials of Healthcare 25.44000
Health Information Management - Medical Office 25.49700
Clinical Lab II 25.57700
Patient Care Technician 25.44900
Surgical Technician II 25.44800
Healthcare Support Services 25.44400
Dental Science II 25.48900
Essentials of Dental Science 25.48800
Fundamentals of Exercise Physiology 25.45400
Allied Health and Medicine 25.43700
Emergency Medical Responder 25.45000
Patient Care Fundamentals 25.43600
Pharmacy Operations and Fundamentals 25.45300
Applications of Public Health 25.45200
Public Safety Communications 43.46200
Sports Medicine 25.44600
Surgical Technician I 25.44700

Hospitality and Tourism (GA)

Career Pathway Course Code
Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism Essentials 08.45300
Hospitality, Recreation and Tourism Management 08.45400
Introduction to Sports and Entertainment Marketing 08.47800
Advanced Sports and Entertainment Marketing 08.48500
Introduction to Culinary Arts 20.53100
Culinary Arts I 20.53210
Culinary Arts II 20.53310

Human Services (GA)

Career Pathway Course Code
Food, Nutrition, and Wellness 20.41610
Food for Life 20.41400
Food Science 20.41810
Introduction to Consumer Relations 20.44000
Housing and Community Management 20.43200
Managing Diverse Property Types 20.43300
Foundations of Interior Design 20.44100
Fundamentals of Fashion 20.44500
Textile Science 20.44700
Introduction to Personal Care Services 12.54400
Cosmetology Services II 12.41000
Cosmetology Services III 12.41100
Barbering II 12.42000
Barbering III 12.42100
Esthetics Services II 12.43000
Esthetics Services III 12.43100
Nail Care Services II 12.47000
Nail Care Services III 12.47100

Information Technology (GA)

Career Pathway Course Code
Introduction to Digital Technology 11.41500
Digital Design 11.41100
Web Design 11.45200
Computer Science Principles 11.47100
Programming, Games, Apps, and Society 11.47200
IT Essentials 11.41400
IT Support 11.42000
Networking Fundamentals 11.46100
Networking Systems and Support 11.46200
Introduction to Cybersecurity 11.48100
Advanced Cybersecurity 11.48200

Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security (GA)

Career Pathway Course Code
Introduction to Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security 43.45000
Criminal Justice Essentials 43.45100
Applications of Corrections 43.45700
Security and Protective Services 43.45800
Criminal Investigations 43.45300
Forensic Science and Criminal Investigations 43.45200
Essentials of Fire and Emergency Services 43.46000
Emergency Medical Responder 25.45000
Applications of Firefighting 43.44000
Public Safety Communications 43.46200
Essentials of Legal Services 43.45700
Applications of Law 43.45500
Legal Administrative Services 43.45600

Manufacturing (GA)

Career Pathway Course Code
Foundations of Manufacturing and Materials Science ENGR-FMMS
Robotics and Automated Systems ENGR-RAS
Production Enterprises ENGR-PE
Introduction to Mechatronics - DC Theory, Pneumatic Systems, and Programmable Logic Controllers 21.46200
AC Theory, Electric Motors, and Hydraulic Systems 21.46300
Semiconductors, Mechanical Systems, and Pump and Piping Systems 21.46400
Occupational Safety of Granite 47.45400
Introduction to Granite 47.45500
Applications in Granite Industry 47.45600

Marketing (GA)

Career Pathway Course Code
Marketing Principles 08.47400
Marketing and Entrepreneurship 08.44100
Marketing Management 08.44200
Fashion, Merchandising and Retailing Essentials 08.42100
Advanced Fashion, Merchandising and Retailing 08.42200
Promotion and Professional Sales 08.45100
Marketing Communications Essentials 08.45200

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (GA)

Career Pathway Course Code
Foundations of Electronics 21.45200
Advanced AC and DC Circuits 21.45300
Digital Electronics 21.45400
Foundations of Engineering and Technology 21.42500
Engineering Concepts 21.47100
Engineering Applications 21.47200
Introduction to Drafting and Design 48.54100
Survey of Engineering Graphics 48.54200
3-D Modeling and Analysis 48.54300

Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics (GA)

Career Pathway Course Code
Basic Maintenance and Light Repair 47.53110
Maintenance and Light Repair 2 47.53210
Maintenance and Light Repair 3 47.53310
Automobile Service Technology 4 47.43400
Automobile Service Technology 5 47.43500
Automobile Service Technology 6 47.43600
Automobile Service Technology 7 47.43700
Automobile Service Technology 8 47.43800
Automobile Service Technology Internship 47.43900
Foundations of Marine Engine Technology FME
Marine Electrical Systems MES
Marine Engine Drive Systems MED
Introduction to Collision Repair 47.56500
Painting and Refinishing I 47.56600
Painting and Refinishing II 47.56700
Non Structural Analysis and Damage Repair I 47.56800
Non Structural Analysis and Damage Repair II 47.56900
Fundamentals of Aerospace 47.46000
Flight Operations I 47.48800
Flight Operations II 47.48900
Aviation Maintenance I 47.46200
Aviation Maintenance II 47.46300
Logistics Fundamentals 47.47010
Logistics Operations 47.47110
Materials Management 47.47210

Middle School CTAE - Agriculture (GA)

Career Pathway Course Code
Exploring Agriculture Education (Sixth Grade) MSAGED6
Exploring Agriculture Education (Seventh Grade) MSAGED7
Middle School Agriculture Education (Eighth Grade) MSAGED8

Middle School CTAE - ACCT (Architecture, Construction, Communications and Transportation) (GA)

Career Pathway Course Code
Introduction to Architecture and Construction – Sixth Grade MSACCT-IAC6
Broadcast and Graphic Communications – Sixth Grade MSACCT-COM6
Introduction to Ground, Air and Maritime Technology – Sixth Grade MSACCT-AST6
Fundamentals of Architecture and Construction – Seventh Grade MSACCT-FAC7
Introduction to Communications – Seventh Grade MSACCT-COM7
Foundations of Aerospace, Ground and Maritime Transportation – Seventh Grade MSACCT-AST7
Exploring Architecture and Construction – Eighth Grade MSACCT-EAC8
Applications of Communications – Eighth Grade MSACCT-COM8
Investigation into Aerospace, Ground, and Maritime Transportation– Eighth Grade MSACCT-AST8

Middle School CTAE - Business & Computer Science (GA)

Career Pathway Course Code
Middle School Business and Computer Science, Grade 6 MSBCS-BCSI
Middle School Business and Computer Science, Grade 7 MSBCS-BCSII
Middle School Business and Computer Science Grade 8 MSBCS-BCSIII

Middle School CTAE - Career Development (GA)

Career Pathway Course Code
Career Awareness, Grade 6 MSCA6
Career Discovery, Grade 7 MSCD7
Career Management, Grade 8 MSCM8

Middle School CTAE - Engineering & Technology (GA)

Career Pathway Course Code
Exploring Engineering & Technology, Grade 6 MSENGR-EET
Invention and Innovation, Grade 7 MSENGR-II
Technological Systems, Grade 8 MSENGR-TS

Middle School CTAE - Family & Consumer Science (GA)

Career Pathway Course Code
Sixth Grade Family and Consumer Science MSFCS6
Seventh Grade Family and Consumer Science MSFCS7
Eighth Grade Family and Consumer Science MSFCS8

Middle School CTAE - Government & Public Safety (GA)

Career Pathway Course Code
Exploring Public Safety and Government Education – Sixth Grade MSPSG6
Exploring Public Safety and Government Education – Seventh Grade MSPSG7
Exploring Public Safety and Government Education – Eighth Grade MSPSG8

Middle School CTAE - Healthcare Science (GA)

Career Pathway Course Code
Middle School Healthcare Science, 6th Grade MSHS6
Middle School Healthcare Science, 7th Grade MSHS7
Middle School Healthcare Science, 8th Grade MSHS8

Middle School CTAE - Marketing, Sales & Service (GA)

Career Pathway Course Code
Basic Skills of Marketing – Sixth Grade MSMSS6
Exploring Marketing Education – Seventh Grade MSMSS7
Pathways in Marketing – Eighth Grade MSMSS8