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Agriculture (IN)

Career Pathway Course Code
Advanced Life Science - Animals 5070
Advanced Life Science – Foods 5072
Advanced Life Science - Plants and Soils 5074
Agribusiness Management 5002
Agriculture Power, Structure and Technology 5088
Animal Science 5008
Food Science 5102
Horticulture Science 5132
Intro to Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources 5056
Landscape Management 5136
Landscape Management II 5137
Natural Resources 5180
Plant and Soils Science 5170
Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) 5228
Sustainable Energy Alternatives 5229

Arts, Av Technology & Communication (IN)

Career Pathway Course Code
Commercial Photography 5770
Computer Illustration and Graphics 4516
Design Fundamentals 4834
Graphic Design and Layout 5550
Interactive Media 5232
Introduction to Communication 4790
Introduction to Design Processes 4794
Radio Television I 4986
Radio Television II 5992

Business & Marketing, Information Technology (IN)

Career Pathway Course Code
Middle School Business & Information Technology 0494
Exploring College & Careers 0493
Preparing for College and Careers 5394
Accounting 4524
Advanced Business Management 5268
Business Law and Ethics 4560
Business Math 4512
Computer Illustration and Graphics 4534
Computer Programming I 4534
Computer Programming II 5236
Computer Tech Support 5230
Digital Citizenship 4530
Entrepreneurship and New Ventures 5966
Financial Services 5258
Global Economics 4558
Information Communications and Technology 4528
Infrastructure of the Internet 4588
Interactive Media 5232
Introduction to Business 4518
Introduction to Computer Science - DRAFT 4803
Introduction to Entrepreneurship - DRAFT 4518
Marketing in Hospitality and Tourism 5982
Merchandising 5982
Network Fundamentals 5234
Personal Financial Responsibility 4540
Principles of Business Management 4562
Principles of Marketing 5914
Servers and Security 5257
Sports and Entertainment Marketing 5984
Strategic Marketing 5918
Technical/Business Communication 4508
Web Design 4574

Engineering (IN)

Career Pathway Course Code
Aerospace Engineering Non PLTW 5518
Aerospace Engineering PLTW 4816
Biotechnical Engineering 4818
Computer Integrated Manufacturing (Non-PLTW) 5543
Computer Integrated Manufacturing (PLTW) 4810
Civil and Architectural Engineering 5650
Civil and Architectural Engineering PLTW 4820
Computers in Design and Production 4800
Digital Electronics 4826
Engineering Design and Development 4828
Intro to Engineering Design 4802
Intro to Engineering Design PLTW 4812
Intro to Transportation 4798
Intro to Manufacturing 4784
Intro to Advanced Manufacturing and Logistics 4796
Principles of Engineering 5644
Principles of Engineering PLTW 4814

Family and Consumer Sciences (IN)

Career Pathway Course Code
Middle School FACS 0492
Adult Roles and Responsibilities 5330
Advanced Child Development 5360
Advanced Culinary Arts 5436
Advanced Hospitality Management 5458
Advanced Life Science Foods 5072
Advanced Nutrition and Wellness 5340
Consumer Economics CE
Cooperative Occupational Family & Consumer Science COFACS
Child Development 5362
Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management 5440
Early Childhood Education I 5408
Early Childhood Education II 5406
Education Professions I 5408
Education Professions II 5404
Fashion and Textiles Careers I 5420
Fashion and Textiles Careers II 5421
Housing and Interior Design Careers I, II TBR HIDC
Human and Social Services I 5336
Human and Social Services II 5462
Human Development and Wellness 5366
Interpersonal Relationships 5364
Intro to Culinary Arts and Hospitality 5438
Introduction to Fashion and Textiles 5380
Introduction to Housing and Interior Design 5350
Nutrition and Wellness 5342
Nutrition Science Careers I and II 5457
Personal Financial Responsibility 4540
Preparing for College and Careers 5394

Health Science (IN)

Career Pathway Course Code
Anatomy and Physiology 5276
Bio-Human Body Systems 5216
Bio-Medical Interventions 5217
Bio-Principles of Biomedical Sciences 5218
Dental Careers I 5203
Dental Careers II 5204
Health Science Education I 5282
Health Science Education II 5284
Medical Terminology 5274
Pharmacy 5214
Physical Therapy 5211
Veterinary Careers I & II 5212

Trade and Industry (T&I) (IN)

Career Pathway Course Code
Trade & Industrial (T&I) 49.0603
Architectural Drafting and Design I ADDI
Architectural Drafting and Design II ADDII
Auto Collision Repair Tech I ACRTI
Auto Collision Repair Tech II ACRTII
Automotive Services I ASTI
Automotive Services II ASTII
Aviation Flight AF
Aviation Maintenance AM
Aviation Operations AO
Intro to Construction ICON
Construction Trades: Electrical I ETI
Construction Trades: Electrical II ETII
Construction Trades I CTI
Construction Trades II CTII
Cosmetology I CO1
Cosmetology II CO2
Criminal Justice I CJI
Criminal Justice II CJII
Diesel Service Tech I DSTI
Diesel Service Tech II DSTII
Electronicsand Computer Technology ECTII
Electronics I ECTI
Fire and Rescue I FRI
Fire and Rescue II FRII
Advanced Manufacturing I AMI
Advanced Manufacturing II AMII
Mechanical Drafting and Design I MDDI
Mechanical Drafting and Design II MDDII
Precision Machining I PMI
Precision Machining II PMII
Supply Chain Management and Logistics SCML
Warehouse Operations WO
Welding I WTI
Welding II WTII