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Cluster Grades
Agriculture, Food and Natural Resources (VT) 9,10,11,12,CU
Architecture and Construction (VT) 9,10,11,12,CU
Arts, Audio/Video Technology and Communications (VT) 9,10,11,12,CU
Business, Management and Administration (VT) 9,10,11,12,CU
Education and Training (VT) 9,10,11,12,CU
Health Science (VT) 9,10,11,12,CU
Hospitality and Tourism (VT) 9,10,11,12,CU
Human Services (VT) 9,10,11,12,CU
Information Technology (VT) 9,10,11,12,CU
Law, Public Safety, Corrections and Security (VT) 9,10,11,12,CU
Manufacturing (VT) 9,10,11,12,CU
Marketing, Sales and Service (VT) 9,10,11,12,CU
Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (VT) 9,10,11,12,CU
Transportation, Distribution and Logistics (VT) 9,10,11,12,CU


 For more information about individual CTE courses within each cluster, please contact us.